Clinical Nutrition For Specific Diseases

When you walk down the aisle of your supermarket, have you ever wondered who makes that product that you eat? Sometimes you buy a food that keeps you alive. Novartis Medical Nutrition is one such company that produces clinical nutritional supplements to maintain and improve the health and well being of millions of patients and consumers in a medical facilities (such as hospitals or nursing homes) or at home.

Previously, clinical nutrition focuses on caloric intake, but modern science now creates highly specialized disease-specific products to treat Diabetes, Oncology, Digestive Health, Obesity, Surgical and Critical Care, Malnutrition, Dysphagia, Wound Care, and Pediatric Nutrition. Healthcare professionals and scientists are highly involved in these developments.

These specialized products are very familiar to the doctors, nurses, dieticians, and caregivers administering these live saving nutritionals. Many of these products can be taken orally by mouth or tube fed through the stomach or nasal tube.

Diabetes affects approximately 17 million people in the United States and 800,000 are newly diagnosed each year. It is important to treat this disease in its early stages as it is the seventh leading cause of death. Boost Diabetic is designed to meet the special dietary challenges associated with patients with Diabeties. It incorporates certain nutrients such as arginine, vitamin’s C, E and chromium to improve blood glucose levels and aid in preventing the long-term medical problems associated with diabeties.

Cancer takes the lives of more than 7 million people worldwide each year. With cancer treatment, you body is under attack, and becomes very weak. Weight loss and muscle wasting is known as cachexia. Resource Support was created to promote energy, help in the healing process, and build muscles when the body needs it.

Dyshagia is a swallowing disorder commonly as a result from strokes, brain damage, or anorexia. Since the patient can not swallow malnutrtion and dehydration can occur. Resource ThickenUp can modify the consistency of liquids which reduces the risk of aspiration and respiratory complications. Solid foods need to have a change in consistency so that the patient does not choke during feedings.

One such producer of these life saving products is Novartis Medical Nutrition manufacturers and distributes its clinical nutrtional products products in Minnesota with several distribution centers across the country. The other manufacturing plant is located in Osthofen, Germancy. It’s Headquarters is located in Nyon, Switzerland. They employ 2,500 people worldwide and Novartis Parent Corporation employs about 100,735 people worldwide

Ross Products was found in 1903 by Harry C. Moores and Stanley M. Ross. Ross Products is a division of Abbott Laboratories, and the Chief Executive Officer is Miles D. White and employs about 65,000 people. Currently Ross is the largest of the manufacturers of clinical nutrition.

Nestle will become the second largest producer of clinical supplements after it’s merger with Novartis is approved this year. It’s headquarters is located in Switzerland.